iTEC Engineering – Multi-Purpose Power Switch & Measurement


März 2017 – iTEC Engineering liefert Eigentwicklung MPPSM-NG-I « Multi-Purpose Power Switching & Measurement  NEXT GENERATION I » als embedded system an die KRENTZEL GmbH aus.

 Die iTEC Enginering Entwicklung umfasst:

  • HW Design
  • Mikrocontroller SW
  • Mobile Application SW

Aktuell managed das Device das innovative Afri Street Light der Krentzel GmbH.


  • Integrierter programmierbarer Astro-Timer
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Realtime Controlling
  • Programmierbare Ausgänge
  • Setup via Blootooth paaring mit Smart Phone

Weitere Applikationsmöglichkeiten finden Sie im Data Sheet MPPSM-NG-I.


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Data Sheet
Input (Pow in) 7-40 Input Voltage
Maximum Current surge capability 30 Amp (distributed to 3 output channels)
Maximum Power capability 1200W
Outputs (PWM, S1, S2)  
  • High Speed On/Off switches
  • Applied input power is switched to each output channel, depending on applied logic from onboard µC
Output Voltage Equal to applied input voltage
Maximum Output Current 30 Amp in total, distributed over 3 output channels
Maximum Switching Frequency
  • analog:                                          up to 20 MHz
  • digital through on board uC:    up to   8 MHz
Digital Input (Digital in) Digital input switch, biased with 5 Volt via 50 kOhm;
Pull connection to GND in order to trigger input signal for µC
  • Input Current (Pow in) up to 30 Amp
  • Input Voltage (Pow In) up to 40 Volts
  • Current throughput (Sol in -> Sol out) up to 30 Amps
  • Voltage at (Sol in) and (Sol out) up to 500 Volts
  • Battery powered Real Time Clock with I²C Interface
  • Bluetooth Module for remote control, remote parameterization and telemetric purposes
  • Mini USB Connector for remote control, remote parameterization and telemetric purposes
  • Connector for optional UART communication (5 Volt logic level) with onboard Mikrocontroller
Onboard Logic Controller
  • Plug-in type uC PCB, pin-compatible with Arduino Nano
  • AVR Atmega 328p
  • 16 MHz clock
  • Programmable through Mini USB Arduino Interface
Application Area

Each can be remotely controlled e.g. via Bluetooth from Smartphone, from USB PC, or through any other controller supporting UART communication

  • LED Dimmer/Light Dimmer, using onboard PWM function
  • DC Motor speed controller, using onboard PWM function
  • H-Bridge Drive
  • Traffic Light Switch
  • Simple Remote Controlled Switch
  • Time Controlled Switch