iTEC Engineering – Multi-Purpose Power Switch & Measurement


 Die iTEC Enginering Entwicklung umfasst:

  • HW Design
  • Mikrocontroller SW
  • Mobile Application SW

Aktuell managed das Device das innovative Afri Street Light der Krentzel GmbH.


  • Integrierter programmierbarer Astro-Timer
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Realtime Controlling
  • Programmierbare Ausgänge
  • Setup via Blootooth paaring mit Smart Phone

Weitere Applikationsmöglichkeiten finden Sie im Data Sheet MPPSM-NG-I.

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Data Sheet
Input (Pow in)7-40 Input Voltage
Maximum Current surge capability30 Amp (distributed to 3 output channels)
Maximum Power capability1200W
Outputs (PWM, S1, S2)
  • High Speed On/Off switches
  • Applied input power is switched to each output channel, depending on applied logic from onboard µC
Output VoltageEqual to applied input voltage
Maximum Output Current30 Amp in total, distributed over 3 output channels
Maximum Switching Frequency
  • analog: up to 20 MHz
  • digital through on board uC: up to   8 MHz
Digital Input (Digital in)Digital input switch, biased with 5 Volt via 50 kOhm;
Pull connection to GND in order to trigger input signal for Mikrocontroller
  • Input Current (Pow in) up to 30 Amp
  • Input Voltage (Pow In) up to 40 Volts
  • Current throughput (Sol in -> Sol out) up to 30 Amps
  • Voltage at (Sol in) and (Sol out) up to 500 Volts
  • Battery powered Real Time Clock with I²C Interface
  • Bluetooth Module for remote control, remote parameterization and telemetric purposes
  • Mini USB Connector for remote control, remote parameterization and telemetric purposes
  • Connector for optional UART communication (5 Volt logic level) with onboard Mikrocontroller
Onboard Logic Controller
  • Plug-in type uC PCB, pin-compatible with Arduino Nano
  • AVR Atmega 328p
  • 16 MHz clock
  • Programmable through Mini USB Arduino Interface
Application Area

Each can be remotely controlled e.g. via Bluetooth from Smartphone, from USB PC, or through any other controller supporting UART communication

  • LED Dimmer/Light Dimmer, using onboard PWM function
  • DC Motor speed controller, using onboard PWM function
  • H-Bridge Drive
  • Traffic Light Switch
  • Simple Remote Controlled Switch
  • Time Controlled Switch